Abscess on horse neck

Abscess on horse neck, Calro Neem Oil Lotion was used and you can see how the abscess started to dry up and by day 5 you can see remarkable healing happening.

Wound under bird wing:
We met Dee from Brainy Bird Sanctuary at Pet Expo where we were participating in the Pet Expo. We saw Misty had a huge wound that did not want to heal under the wing. We suggested to Dee that we use the Calro Neem Oil Animal & Pet Lotion on this wound, this was Friday by Sunday there already was a huge improvement as the wound was dry and started to heal. We received updated photo’s that showed the wound has totally healed by only using the Neem Oil Lotion in such a short time.
Misty getting her feathers back:
Apart from the wound under Misty’s wing, Misty also was left without any feathers. While Dee was using the Calro Neem Oil Lotion under the wing for the wound she also started to rub it on Misty’s body all over. Here you can see the progress from the start till 6 weeks later that Misty got feathers again. Dee is still continuing the process and soon Misty will be totally covered with feathers and be a proud and beautiful feathered bird again!

Wounds and hair loss

Neem oil Concentrate used on this wound and bold spot of horse face, 2 weeks later great results.

Hotspot on dog coat

Dog had a hotspot where was falling out. The client washed him with the Neem Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and put the Neem Oil Lotion on 3 times a week. Two weeks later and the hot spot is almost gone.

Open wound

Open wound treated with Neem Oil Concentrate in a period of around 6 weeks total healing and hair has nearly fully grown back.

Wound healed in 4 weeks

Wound on horse noise, client first washed with Neem oil shampoo to clean out wound and there after used the Neem Oil concentrate daily. 4 Weeks later wound was totally healed.

Rash on cat's tummy

The cat had a rash in his tummy, the client used Calro Neem Oil Lotion on this rash by rubbing it into the skin. Next morning the rash was much lighter and hardly visible.

Chine’s horse has rubbed his tail and lost a lot of hair. Chine put Neem Oil Concentrate on the tail and within 3 weeks this is how much the tail has grown back.

Abscess healed

An abscess formed on this horse face. The client used our Neem Oil Concentrate on this abscess by putting it on directly onto the abscess/wound. As you can see on the on the photo's she documented the healing process that followed and around 4 weeks the abscess was healed and the wound was nearly totally closed and hair already started to grow back.

Open wound

Deep wound on the leg, client started to use the Calro NEEM Oil Concentrate on the wound, because of the anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory values of Neem oil it healed the wound in only 3 weeks time. It will still take a week or 2 for the hair to grow back but what a wonderful result for this horse.

Wound healed

Cut above the eye of the horse did not want to heal, the client used Calro NEEM Oil Concentrate on this wound daily, Great results only 4 weeks later and the wound is healed and hair grown back!

Hair loss of mane

Mane of horse is dull and thinned out a lot. The client used Calro NEEM Oil Shampoo and Conditioner to wash the horse on a regular basis, 2 months later and the mane is thick and healthy.

Snake bite healed

Horse bit by pufadder, Client used Calro NEEM Oil Concentrate on the wound on a daily basis.  6 Weeks later wound is healed and hair in the process of regrowth.

Rescue horse looking healthy

Rescue horse taken in by client, when she got him his coat was dull  and unhealthy, she washed him with Calro NEEM Oil Shampoo & Conditioner and sprayed him with Calro NEEM Oil spray and within a few weeks he got a beautiful, healthy and shiny coat! 

Skin ailment healed

Bella lost her hair after a year treatment with cortisone. We started a treatment program with Marlene, her human mommy, to assist Bella. Marlene started using Calro NEEM Oil Shampoo & conditioner and then applied the Calro NEEM Oil Lotion to the effected areas, this she done twice a week for 3 weeks. She then moved to once a week treatment and after 7 weeks Bella had her hair back again looking happy and healthy!

Burned in veld fire

The pony was caught in a field fire and was badly burned. The clients used our Calro Neem Oil Concentrate to treat the wounds after 6 weeks you could see new hair on his face and a year later he is nice and fluffy without any scarring.

Dull coat now sparkling

Coat of the horse was dull and looked very unhealthy. Marlize used Carlo Neem Oil Shampoo & conditioner and this is how beautiful his coat is looking now, healthy and shiny!

See above video as Feedback from Riette after using products from our Pure Organic Neem Oil Equestrian Range.

Riette Oosthuizen

from Bronkhorstspruit

Feedback from Riette on her horse's Wound Healing after using products from the Pure Organic Neem Oil  Equestrian Range .

Riette Oosthuizen

from Bronkhorstspruit

The results after using CALRO Neem Oil Shampoo & Conditioner and CALRO Neem Oil Spray

Robyn Jamieson

Client used Calro NEEM Oil Concentrate to treat horse's wounds after he jumped over the razor fence

Horse main hairgrowth

First photo is of dull coat and mane struggling to grow. The client used the Calro Neem Oil Spray for flies and miggies on the horse main and coat. While the product has protected the horse against insects you can also see the growth of the mane and the reviving of the coat within 10 months. 2 Jobs done in one!!