CALRO Animal & Pet NEEM Oil Combo 250ml/Shampoo & Conditioner and Neem Oil Lotion



CALRO Neem Oil Shampoo & Conditioner  250ml &  Neem Oil Lotion  250ml this combination pack assist greatly with various skin ailments, wounds, mange & eczema. Wash you pet twice a week for 2 weeks to remove all insects, eggs and parasites from skin and coat. Use Neem Oil lotion after each wash by applying over affected areas , you can also apply the Neem Oil Lotion on a  daily basis in cases where the skin ailment is very bad.  The skin color will start getting lighter and the itchiness will slow down, this will assist in the healing of the skin ailment. You can now use the Neem Oil Shampoo & conditioner on a weekly basis with the Neem Oil Lotion until you can see the required results. You need to be patient as this process can take a few weeks but you will be able to see the improvement of the skin weekly and the hair will start to grow back.

This product combination will also assist in repelling biting and sucking insects.