About Us

Our business is all about manufacturing and supplying of products that contain Natural ingredients, as an alternative to all of the other products containing harmful or toxic ingredients and thereby educating people in using products that contain Natural ingredients that still work effectively for different uses. We believe in products that are not harmful when used on our children or ourselves and therefore you can use our products over the full body, including face, and not have a concern that you put your child or yourself at risk with harmful ingredients. In our society, we use products suggested by friends or institutions without taking the time to read the back of the label and familiarizing ourselves with what it actually means and by doing that we use harmful ingredients on our children without realizing it. We have been in the market the past 17 years and have come a long way in developing these products to be effective and safe for human use, we are proud of our range of products and can say with confidence that we can offer you products of great quality and that are effective in “getting the job” done.

Our Mission

To research and manufacture quality products, using high-quality Natural Ingredients, that is effective in the different uses and give people the peace of mind that they can use these products safely on their children and themselves. Our products are available in Pharmacies, Dischem Shops, Kruger Park Shops and other Outlets.